“Thank you Barbara McKinnell with Trotter Realty and April for helping me get into my new home.  It is my little retreat for years to come.”

– Mike E.  July 2019   Lake Panasoffkee, FL

“My investor made this transaction very simple with your property.  He is glad to add another property to his portfolio.”

-Jon K.   June 2019   Satsuma, FL

“Well, it’s a done deal now!  Thanks for your help in making this a reality.  Please thank your Field Manager Wayne too!  Remote notary for closing was very nice too.”

– Jeanne O.     April 2019    Middleburg, FL    

“Thank you for sticking with us through this process.  It has been a long road with selling our primary home and we really appreciate you being patient.  It got confusing because I did n0t have an agent representing me when selling my home.  You being a liaison to the other bank helped us to understand the terminology they were using.  We are in the new home and really happy to be unpacked.”

-Jason & Ashley A.    March 2019    Silver Springs, FL

A Home Suite Home Testimony for:   “Elizabeth Izquierdo with Homerun Realty 352-454-8381 lizinocala@yahoo.com.  We had  mutual clients who only spoke Spanish.  She did an amazing job with conference calls being the translator to the clients.  She was an absolute delight to worth with and her clients love her.  Thank you Liz for your expertise!!  I hope to work with you in the future.  April Beckman”

– Kiah & Ryan D.     March 2019    Hephzibah, GA    

“Thank you for getting involved at the last minute to help us.  We closed quicker than we anticipated.”

– Silvia E. & Silvia D.    February 2019    Ocala, FL

“Happy days ahead!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our first home together so special.  You’ve been a pleasure to work with.  Thank you for all your work and dedication to us.  Happy early birthday to me!!!!”

– Sharon F.  Jan 2019  Webster, FL

“April, we have never been more excited to get our own home.  Thank you SO much for all your help!!  We will send photos to you once we get moved in.”

– Tori H.  Dec 2018   Munford, TN

“On behalf of our team, thank you for making it easy to procure another investment property for our client.”

– Judi S.   Aug 2018   Lake Panasoffkee, FL

“You don’t know how much I appreciate what you have done…. thank you does not even seem appropriate.  I feel like I am right where I am suppose to be.”

– Selena M.  Aug 2018   Cedar Bluff, AL

“Thank you for helping me purchase my first home.  I am loving it.”

– Patrick O.    July 2018     Lincoln, AL

“Thank you for helping us with an investment property thru a difficult time.”

– Edward H.   June 2018   Princeton, ME

“Very glad we did not miss this opportunity to purchase the home in Supply as an investment properties.  It moved really fast with our cash purchase.”

– Katrina F.   April 2018     Supply, NC

“My family & I want to thank you.  I promise you, my wife Alison is even happier than I am, if that’s even possible”

-Walter & Alison A.   March 2018   Hernando, FL

“We love it here and are starting to get settled.  The new flooring looks great.  Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.  We love our home.”

-Penny & Mark H.  March 2018   Smith Grove, KY

“Thank you for helping us with the land in Holly Springs.  We are excited to build our dream home in a couple years.  Will send you pictures when we get started.”

– Greg B.  February 2018  Holly Springs, MS

“We worked really well together.  You made it easy since I work all hours.  Can’t wait to move into my home.”

~ Raphael R.  January 2018   Panama City, FL

“Thank you for always keeping me up to speed in this process.”

~ David P.   Dec 2017   Clinton, SC

“We never thought we would own our own home again.  Thank you for making it a dream come true.”

~Mayra B.   Dec 2017    Brooksville, FL

“Thank you for helping my investor for a quick and simple sale of the property.  I will definitely get back with you after the holidays for other properties.”

~Michael C.   November 2017    Middleburg, FL

“Lisa and I are settling into our new home.  Thank you for speeding up the process.  Can you find a home for my parents to move closer to us?”
~Rich & Lisa M.
October 2017.
Oglethorpe, Ga

“We appreciate all your help getting financing for our situation.  My wife and I never thought we would own a home.  It took us 2 years to find a home we could afford but you did it for my family.  Thank you for not giving up when we did.”
~ Jerry & Mandy T.
September 2017
Portland, TN

“April, you are great to work with.  Find me another home for my son so he can relocate closer to me with the grandkids.”
~Fred E.
August 2017
Corbin, KY

“Thank you for helping me find a nice home for me and my children to live in.  We stuck to my monthly budget too.  Can wait to get it unpacked and organized.”
~Michelle M.
July 2017
New Port Richey, FL

“We did it!  I never thought I would own my own home.  You worked thru some hard issues I had with my loan.  Thank you for making my dream real.”
~Keyyanna M.
May 2017
Midway, GA

“Super excited to have our new home.  Thank you so much for making this process as easy and stress-free as possible.”
~Laura & Chris V.
March 2017
Pierson, FL

“I have been working w/ you since Aug 2016 to find a home for me and my grand daughter.  Thank you so much for working with me when no one else would.” 
~Robert D.
Jan 2017
Saranac, NY

“Thank you for not giving up on us.  So much paperwork to verify as I am self-employed.  Now we are happily in our home & love it.”  ~John B.
Nov 2016

“We never thought we would be able to buy our own home.  Thanks to you, we got our first home.  Looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate, organize & declutter my new home is exciting.”
Danielle & Nicholas N.
Oct 2016

“Our daughter, son in-law and future twins have a new home to raise their family thanks to your help.  They are so excited for the house & for the babies arrival.  So much going on but you helped us to remain calm thru this journey.”
~Angela P.
Sept 2016  

We are in our NEW home!  Thank you for all the late night texting to get us thru this process.  No matter what we asked, you followed up.  Our kids will have their own room now!”
~Barbara E.

June 2016

Never thought we would be able to own our own home.  We could have not done it without you and your help.  Promise to take pictures when we are moved in.”  
~Elaine S.

June 2016

“Thank you for helping us find the perfect retreat in WV.  So much work to be done on the land but it will be worth it.  You went above and beyond my expectations.   GOD Bless!”
~Wesley H.
West Virginia
May 2016

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary & we closed on our home!  Not sure what we are more excited about- our anniversary or our new home.  Thank you for everything.  We are excited about our new home the most- of course.”
~Wendy & Melvin J.
March 2016

You don’t know how much your help meant to us.”  
~John B.

March 2016

Thank you for helping us with an investment home for our family.  Our son is excited to have his own home.
~Cathy G.

Jan 2016

I can’t thank you enough April for all you did to find us the right place.
~Tonya T
Feb 2016

We are in our new home and loving it.  Thank you for getting us thru it
~Mary H
North Carolina
Dec 2015

It has been awhile since we have purchased a home.  Thank you for all your assistance.
~Bonnie P.
New York
Nov 2015

Thank you for getting back closer to my family and a job.  Thank you for being patient with me too.”  
~Tim A.
Oct 2015

“We never thought we would own our own home.  It needs work but we are excited to get working on it.  Thank you for helping us when no one else would help.”
~Angeline O.
Sept 2015

“Thank you for all you did for our son and his wife to get them into their home before the babies were arriving.”
~Angela P.
Aug 2015

“Thanks to you, we are in our first home!   Thank you for being available during off times.”
~Bill S.
Aug 2015

“Will you keep me posted on your list for another good deal in my area for flipping?  Thank you.”
~Sandra E.
July 2015

“Finally getting to move from Maine to TN.  Thank you for all your help.”
~Tim A
July 2015

“It’s all DONE!!!  I own it!!  Thank you!!  You made me one old happy man.”
George S.
June 2015

“Thank you for all you help.  We were so nervous trying to get a new home.”
Samantha & Adam
North Carolina
April 2015

“I will be forever referring people to you when they are looking to buy a home. I have already told some of my friends about you site. You have made this whole this less stressful (and for me they is big,… I stay stressed about everything) and way easier than it would have been with a call center. Thank you so much!! I will be a walking commercial for you,.. You do a great job!”
~Deanna G

April 2015

“Although we did not buy a home from you yet, you were great to work with.  We will remember you for next year.”
~Jason K
April 2015

“Thank you for helping us through this process to get our family into a home”
~Adam S
North Carolina
April 2015

“Thank you for helping my wife & I get into a smaller home.  Just easier to take care of.”
John B

March 2015

“We love our new home.  Thank you”
~Daphanie K
Feb 2015

“Thank you so much for all your help in the process of buying our home. Everything went so smooth, thanks again!!!”
Rosemary B
December 2014

“Ms. April-  Once again, thank you for everything you are doing for us.  It really means a lot to talk to someone so nicely.  Have a sweet day!”
Larry W.
South Carolina

Nov 2014

“I just wanted to say “Thank you!” for everything you’ve done!!  You two are awesome!  We really appreciate you!”
~Clara & Tony C.
North Carolina
September 2014

“The overall house looks wonderful!  We had a budget we needed to work within and did that in one monthly payment.  OMG- thanks so much!!” 
~ Rachel & James S.
Aug 2014

“This home another investment property for me in NC.  Thank you for your help.”
~ Larry G.
North Carolina
June 2014

“Thank you for helping me when no one else would consider me for a loan.”
~  Glenn S.
North Carolina
June 2014

“Thank you April for helping me and my uncle to get a home for me & my kids.  My uncle is repairing the flooring and the yard is perfect for my kids.”
~  Jennifer M.
South Carolina
Feb 2014